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EPA Report on Fracking, Drinking Water Lays Groundwork for More Study

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Supporters and opponents of fracking can all find something they like in the EPA’s draft report on its assessment on the effect of fracking on drinking water resources. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Clean Water, Environmental Protection Agency, Fracking, Public Policy

Shale Gas Development in U.S. Intriguing — and Controversial

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Shale gas provides the US with a competitive advantage over other nations, but risks exist that may limit that advantage, according to Chairman and CEO of BASF. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Energy, Fracking, Natural Gas

Buyer's remorse kicks in as communities across U.S. attempt to hold back fracking

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Local communities are responding to fracking by attempting to restrict the practice through the passage of ordinances, with inconsistent results. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Clean Water, Environmental Legislation, Environmental Regulation, Fracking

EPA Wants Public Input on Fracking Data

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The federal government invites public petitions, resulting in the absurd petitions like building a Star Wars style "Death Star" and deporting Justin Bieber, but EPA also seeks the public's opinion on disclosing the constituents of fracking chemicals. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Clean Water, Fracking
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