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Renewable Energy Poised to Thrive Under any White House

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There is likely little a Trump administration could do to stem the growth of renewable forms of energy. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy

The Future is now for Viable Energy-Related Efforts

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Recent studies confirm renewables and efficiency technologies leading the way toward our energy future. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Energy, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy

Snyder faces challenges in boosting Michigan's energy efficiency, renewable energy

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Michigan’s governor looks to advance state’s energy policies but faces push back from the Legislature. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Clean Air, Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy

Traditional Utility Companies Lash Out at Green Energy Providers

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Power purchase agreements for renewable energy technologies attract lawsuits and other efforts by traditional utilities seeking to keep their primacy by stifling growth, but it doesn’t have to be that way as other traditional utilities seek to develop a business model that incorporates distributed energy into their business models. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Renewable Energy, Solar Energy
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