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Reading the Tea Leaves on Medical Marijuana Solid Waste Regulation in Michigan

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Michigan’s new regulatory regime for medicinal cannabis may require strict control and disposition of cannabis wastes. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Cannabis, Environmental Legislation, Environmental Regulation, Medical Marijuana, Solid Waste

EPA Defines Coal Ash Just in Time to Tarnish St. Nick's Fur Suit

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EPA decides to regulate coal ash as solid waste, but not as hazardous waste. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Energy, Environmental Regulation, Hazardous Materials, Solid Waste

Legislature Considered Solid Waste Addition to Renewable Energy Act – A Curious Approach

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The Michigan Legislature attempted to add burning solid waste within the definition of “renewable energy." Continue Reading ›

Tags: Energy, Renewable Energy, Solid Waste

Michigan Bills Allow Reuse of Incinerator Byproducts; Here's What we can Expect

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Michigan bills allow reuse of byproducts from incinerated coal and municipal waste in landfills, fertilizer, building materials, among other uses Continue Reading ›

Tags: Environmental Legislation, Environmental Liability, Solid Waste
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