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Seller’s Proceeds are Gone via Phishing, Hacking or Cyber Fraud! What do I do now?

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When seller’s escrow proceeds disappear from phishing, hacking or some other form of cyber fraud, here’s what your business needs to do immediately to respond. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Commercial Liability, Commercial Real Estate, Cyber Attack, Fraud Activity, Hacking, Phishing, Title Insurance

Surprise! Your Letter of Intent is a Purchase Contract

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Ohio appellate court rules intent to purchase letters can bind parties to sale terms in Ohio real estate deals. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Commercial Real Estate, Contracts, Fraud Activity, Letter of Intent, Real Estate

Grinch Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Owner or Lender Claims!

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Homeowners and renters can avoid residential real estate scams with one quick phone call to a lawyer. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Fraud Activity, Real Estate, Real Estate Mortgages, Residential Liability
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