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Education Department Issues Proposed Title IX Rules Aimed at Balancing Rights of Victims, Accused

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U.S. Department of Education issues proposed Title IX guidelines that significantly impact educational institutions’ Title IX obligations and liability. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Department of Education (DOE), Title IX

Michigan Legislature Approves Bills to Increase Minimum Wage, Require Employee Sick Leave

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Employers Beware: Michigan Legislature adopts ballot proposals concerning minimum wage and paid sick leave. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Labor Law, Minimum Wage, Wage & Hour

Supreme Court Rules Mandatory Class Action Waivers Enforceable.

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The U.S. Supreme Court recently handed employers a valuable tool in ruling that mandatory class action waivers in employment agreements are enforceable. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Class Actions, Labor Law, National Labor Relations Act, National Labor Relations Board

Is it the Most Wonderful or Most Dangerous Time of the Year for Employers?

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With these tips, sexual harassment won’t be the Grinch that steals your company’s holiday cheer. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Employment Liability, Workplace Harassment

Employee Misclassification Mistake Proves Costly for Employer

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Recent DOL case resolution a reminder to employers that failure to correctly classify individuals as independent contractors or exempt employees could result in expensive class action litigation. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Department of Labor (DOL), Employment Liability, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Labor Law, Wage & Hour

FMLA Leave Expanded to Same-Sex Spouses

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Effective March 27, Department of Labor’s final rule grants same-sex couples access to FMLA leave time. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Employment Liability, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Human Resources, Labor Law

EEOC Task Force to Focus on Workplace Harassment in 2015

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EEOC's focus on harassment claims means the time is right for employers to review anti-harassment policies, training and procedures. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Employment Liability, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Workplace Harassment

NLRB Rules Employees May Use Employer’s Email System for Union-Related Communications

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National Labor Relations Board ruling allows employees with access to company email accounts to use them for activities consistent with union organization and business. Continue Reading ›

Tags: Labor Law, National Labor Relations Act, National Labor Relations Board, Union Organizing & Relations
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