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Careers: Professional Support Staff

A Day in the Life

Complimentary coffee, ergonomically designed office furniture, contemporary offices, professional training and challenging legal work are just a few of the factors to consider about Plunkett Cooney. Our employees, who affectionately refer to themselves as Plunketteers, know they are part of a family. In fact, family is one of the firm’s four core values along with service, excellence and integrity!

At Plunkett Cooney, teams of professionals and support staff work side by side and across geographic boundaries to collaborate on meaningful and interesting client assignments. They celebrate victories together and discuss ways to constantly improve. Whether typing a brief or configuring a new computer system, our professional staff members take pride in a job well done.

It is not uncommon for client emergencies to require immediate and prolonged attention. There are times when support staff work well into the night. However, those stressful times are offset by firm sponsored events like family picnics, spot awards for outstanding job performance and free branded firm apparel.

Balancing work and life is also a primary focus. “I actually left Plunkett Cooney at one point in my career,” said one employee. “Within hours at my new job, I realized I had made a mistake. One call to the firm, and I was headed back home to Plunkett Cooney.”

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