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New Rules for Premises Liability in Michigan?

Plunkett Cooney Premises Liability Webinar

Archived Webinar

Game Changer

New Rules for Premises Liability in Michigan

Originally Held: Thursday, March 31, 2016
Time: Noon to 1 p.m. (EDT)
Cost: Complimentary

Presented by H. William Reising, Abe Barlaskar and Ellisse S. Thompson

Topic Overview:

The open and obvious doctrine of premises liability has been long established in Michigan law, but this and other legal principles are being challenged regularly by the state’s aggressive plaintiff’s bar.

A recent series of trial and appellate court rulings has been nothing less than game changers when it comes to mounting a successful defense against these claims. This complimentary webinar explored how Michigan’s premises liability landscape has changed in recent months with particular emphasis on:

  • Snow and Ice Claims
  • Storekeeper Liability
  • Injuries Caused by Criminal Acts of Third Parties
  • Recreational Use Act
  • Police and Fireman Rules

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Intended audience for This Webinar:

This webinar was designed for business owners, risk managers, insurance claims professionals, commercial insurance agents, facility managers, human resource professionals, and office/business managers.

Featured Speakers:

  An attorney in the firm's Bloomfield Hills office, Abe Barlaskar concentrates his litigation practice on the defense of insurers, rental car companies, trucking companies, corporations and individuals in no-fault coverage disputes and negligence suits. Abe also represents retail clients in litigation matters, including premises liability, negligence and general liability.

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