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Surveyor Liability

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Like all professionals, land surveyors face a number of business challenges, including disputes that sometimes devolve into litigation and licensure actions.

Plunkett Cooney attorneys have decades of experience defending surveyors and other professionals in all manner of malpractice claims and business litigation, as well as regulatory and other actions that impact professional licensure. Whether retained on a direct basis or appointed counsel through insurance coverage, such claims require an aggressive defense to ensure that the business interests and livelihoods of our clients are protected.

Claims against surveyors often involve errors in setting forth legal descriptions, land usage restrictions, title and boundary disputes involving easements; driveway maintenance agreements; conveyances to transfer title; title searches for current ownership and encumbrances; variances; non-conforming use parcels; Michigan Land Division Act splits; plat vacations; determination of ownership; quiet title actions / determination of interests; verification of legal description through chain of title records; property assessments; and local property splits from parent parcels.

Each of the above issues involves unique complexities that, if not properly addressed, could result in legal liability for your business. In addition to representing clients in litigation and licensure actions, the members of Plunkett Cooney’s Title Insurance Practice Group provide advice and guidance to help complete the most challenging surveys correctly from a legal perspective.

In addition, Plunkett Cooney attorneys respond to regulatory complaints and investigations involving their clients. When disputes threaten license suspension or possible revocation, our attorneys take immediate action to respond, and when necessary, they appear before regulatory boards to represent their clients’ interests in licensure hearings.

With a multi-state practice, Plunkett Cooney attorneys are active members and sponsors of the Michigan, Indiana and Ohio Land Title associations, as well as the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors. 


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