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Caucus Call: Lansing

This Week's Updates

Final Budgets off to the Governor

  • Who needs to know: Government and business leaders who are impacted by state appropriations.
  • Potential impact: The state budget increased to over $60 billion for Fiscal Year 2022 and has far reaching impacts.

State spending for Fiscal Year 2022 ballooned to its largest amount ever, in excess of $60 billion. This is a high-level summary of what has been included in the budget that effects business and municipal interests. For a full analysis of the budget, click here.

Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy

    • PFAS Remediation - $14.5 million to provide grants to drinking water systems for PFAS contamination remediation or alternate water system connection costs
    • Contaminated Site Cleanup - $10 million for remediation of newly contaminated properties statewide that emerge throughout the year
    • High Water Infrastructure Grants - $14.3 million for infrastructure grants to address flooding, erosion and other coastal issues, as well as to address severe weather impacts and changing climate effects
    • Quarterly Remediation and Redevelopment (RRD) Report – boilerplate language will require the department to develop a list of cleanup sites addressed by the RRD and estimated costs for each.

Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

    • Michigan Reconnect Program - $55 million to provide scholarships to individuals over the age of 25 with a high school diploma seeking an associate’s degree or Pell-eligible skill certificate
    • Flint Settlement Debt Service - $35 million for annual debt service costs association with anticipated bond issuance pursuant to the Flint litigation settlement
    • Reduced Recidivism Employment Supports - $660,000 to provide job readiness training, transitional employment, job coaching and placement, plus postplacement retention services
    • Going Pro - $11.3 million for employer-based training grants

Department of Treasury

    • Local First Responder Training and Recruitment Grants - $5 million for a program to support local government efforts related to recruitment, training and professional development, as well as support for first responders

Department of Health and Human Services

    • Lead Poisoning Prevention fund - $10 million for the Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund to support low-cost loans to homeowners and landlords to reduce lead exposure in the home


    • Problem Solving Courts - $600,000 for expansion of problem-solving courts, drug treatment, mental health, and veterans treatment
    • Justice for All Initiative - $798,000 to implement a strategic plan for systematic simplification of court rules and processes, including court forms

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

    • Marijuana Regulatory Agency Inspection Activities - $648,000 to support costs associated with hiring six additional inspectors to regulate licensees in the adult-use industry
    • Renewable Natural Gas Study - $250,000 for the Public Service Commission to conduct a study into the potential for renewable natural gas development in the state

Department of Transportation

    • Funding for Local Road Agencies - $1.8 billion to local road agencies for road and bridge programs
    • Local Bus Transit - $196.7 million for state operating assistance to local transit systems

For more specific information on any of these items or any other program, please contact us directly. Discussion have already begun on proposed uses of one-time federal COVID-19 relief money in the Legislature.

Week ahead:

  • Policy committees are starting back to their pre-appropriations pace.
  • House Regulatory Reform Committee will be discussing industrial hemp regulations and liquor licenses this week.
  • House Health Policy Committee will be taking testimony on a package of bills dealing with medication training.
  • House Transportation Committee will be discussing legislation dealing with the motor fuel tax.
  • Senate Regulatory Reform Committee will be discussing license eligibility for medical cannabis licensees and changes to the bottle deposit fund.
  • The Marijuana Regulatory Agency has two meetings this week to discuss their proposed rule changes.
  • The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission has five meetings planned this week to continue their work on redrawing election lines.

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