White Collar Criminal Tax Law


Clients rely on Plunkett Cooney to provide them with an array of tax services and advice. Sometimes tax matters escalate into full-blown criminal proceedings as a result of today’s increased focus on the need to punish rather than to remediate purported misconduct.

White collar criminal prosecutions are on the rise and more intense than ever. The outcomes of criminal and civil matters can hinge on understanding exactly how to respond to government scrutiny. In the event Plunkett Cooney cannot stop a criminal case from proceeding or reaching a satisfactory resolution, the firm has the tools and experience necessary to litigate against the government.

Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys are adept at conducting swift and comprehensive internal investigations, a crucial service in an era when whistleblowers are incentivized and corporate conduct is increasingly subject to intrusive and expensive inquiries. When potentially negative issues arise, it is critical that management, audit committees and other corporate constituencies quickly obtain the facts in order to understand what really happened and, if appropriate, to take remedial action.

A rapid fact-gathering effort is an effective way to establish credibility with prosecutors, regulators and auditors. The quality of the response may also serve to mitigate otherwise more intrusive government investigations. The knowledge Plunkett Cooney attorneys have about their clients, their business operations, their industries and the overall regulatory landscape allows the firm to effectively counsel clients for the best possible outcome.

The firm has worked with numerous clients to provide proactive advice designed to minimize the possibility of future criminal or regulatory issues. For example, Plunkett Cooney has assisted companies and their senior executives with establishing compliance programs that meet the standards of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (including risk analyses). The firm’s attorneys have also worked with clients to comply with federal statutes such as the Foreign Corrupt Privacy Act (FCPA), USA PATRIOT Act and anti-money laundering programs.

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