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Plunkett Cooney Shoplifitng Webinar

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Stop & Risk

Addressing the Realities Inherent in Loss Prevention Liability

Originally Held: Thursday, January 19, 2017
Time: Noon to 1 p.m. (EST)
Cost: Complimentary

Presented by: H. William Reising, Macy Abdallah
and Margaret Czuchaj

Topic Overview:

When it comes to loss prevention liability, there are some sobering realities that shopkeepers and insurance providers must face. 

Despite best efforts to implement security, investigation and reporting best practices, claims may still arise as a result of customer interactions with loss prevention personnel. An easy target for thieves, the retail industry also represents the kind of deep pockets that attract litigation.

This webinar challenged your assumptions about loss prevention liability. It also examined the various types of claims that arise in the retail setting and discuss the shopkeeper’s potential liability and defenses.

Specific topics included:

  • Most common claims resulting from interactions between asset protection personnel and customers/guests
  • Elements a claimant must prove and hurdles he/she must overcome to successfully bring such claims
  • Applicable statutory privileges under Michigan law
  • Potential liability for non-employees (i.e., law enforcement)
  • Best practices for avoiding and defending such claims


Intended audience for This Webinar:

This webinar was designed to benefit retail business owners, corporate risk managers, security directors and insurance claims professionals.

Featured Speakers:

Margaret Czuchaj, Plunkett Cooney, attorney, Bloomfield Hills  

Margaret A. Czuchaj is a member of the firm's Torts & Litigation Practice Group who focuses her practice in the areas of premises and retail liability, motor vehicle negligence and no-fault liability claims. Ms. Czuchaj represents clients directly and through their insurance providers when coverage is afforded for litigation arising in Michigan's state and federal courts.