DEI Statement


DIVERSITY in the workplace is both a moral imperative and a business necessity. Plunkett Cooney values the contributions brought to the firm by a workforce diverse in background, life experience, and cultural perspective. To celebrate diversity is to acknowledge, respect, appreciate and value individual differences. Characteristics that make us diverse include, but are not limited to, age, race, nationality and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and marital status.

In today's competitive business environment, our clients expect and demand legal services providers who reflect the diversity of the communities in which we practice. Plunkett Cooney is committed to diversifying its workforce, its clientele and its use of vendor goods and services. Our commitment to diversity serves to advance each of the strategic goals established for the firm. To secure our continuing dedication to the principle of workforce diversity, Plunkett Cooney has developed policies to recruit, train, mentor and maintain a diverse team of exceptional professionals, paralegals, and support staff members.

EQUITY assesses and addresses individual needs in order to ensure all employees have reasonable resources and/or accommodations that provide them with a full opportunity to thrive in the workplace. Plunkett Cooney is dedicated to providing such resources/accommodations to promote growth and to address obstacles and/or barriers that would otherwise hinder the success of its employees.

Plunkett Cooney is committed to fostering INCLUSION by creating an environment that increases awareness and understanding within the firm of diverse viewpoints and promotes an atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable, welcomed, respected, supported and valued. Plunkett Cooney will maintain an inclusive work environment to the benefit of its clients, its employees and the health of the firm.

The very fabric of Plunkett Cooney’s firm culture is reflective of maintaining and strengthening its dedication and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The firm’s procedures and organizational structures are focused on achieving its DEI goals, and the firm has adopted and will maintain a DEI Action Plan to meet these ends.