Commercial Real Estate Practical Considerations For Your Business

08.20.2020 | 11:15 a.m.

Detroit Regional Chamber Plunkett Cooney webinar

Program Description:

Has the COVID-19 global pandemic changed the way your workforce is operating? Many businesses executives are contemplating how workforce productivity in a virtual environment may impact their short- and long-term commercial real estate decisions. Plunkett Cooney attorneys will discuss what businesses need to know about commercial real estate, leases, franchise agreements, and much more.

The rapid-fire discussion is designed to cover a range of topics from financial considerations to landlord or tenant issues to workforce management concerns related to COVID-19. Panelists will offer their expert point of view on:

  • What are the primary concerns right now for landlords and tenants?
  • Will COVID-19 change the future of commercial real estate lending?
  • What are commercial lenders concerned about right now?
  • Is there flexibility in the market for renegotiating leases and commercial mortgages?
  • What are the potential HR pitfalls to instituting a long-term remote work option?
  • How can I get relief from onerous lease requirements during the pandemic?
  • What are the property owner’s duties to tenants for a safe environment?
  • Are employers liable for employees allegedly infected while at work?
  • How do you see the future of commercial real estate evolving post-pandemic?


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Moderator: Darren Nichols, Free Lance Journalist; Contributing Columnist, Detroit Free Press