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Plunkett Cooney's Commercial Litigation Practice Group represents a broad range of clients in litigation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution concerning matters that arise while conducting business. Our clients are “Fortune 500” companies, state and federal financial institutions, small-and medium-size limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, sole-proprietorships and even individuals.

Our litigation attorneys bring decades of experience when handling even the most challenging business disputes. Each of the firm's partners offers distinct areas of expertise in such matters as contract cases, business torts, real estate disputes, business ownership conflicts, bankruptcy, antitrust claims, corporate compliance issues, tax and finance issues, commercial collections, commercial landlord tenant, civil RICO, ERISA, intellectual property claims and many other areas as varied as your business needs.

The Commercial Litigation Practice Group attorneys are trial lawyers, fearless as they are diligent, and prepared to handle your case from start to finish. Our attorneys have successfully pursued countless cases through the discovery, pretrial and trial processes in the state and federal courts. In conjunction with Plunkett Cooney’s appellate group, our business attorneys have successfully taken cases to the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and even the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Commercial Litigation Practice Group can also help you avoid disputes before they occur. Our attorneys present workshops, lectures and seminars on best practices and emerging areas of the law aimed at limiting corporate and personal liability before potential problems can ripen into disputes. 

Located throughout the firm’s strategically located offices, the Commercial Litigation Practice Group members are poised to handle all manner of business problems throughout the Midwest and beyond. Wherever your business takes you, Plunkett Cooney’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group will be there too, determined to efficiently resolve your business disputes so that you can get on with the business of business.
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