Alternative Dispute Resolution


Plunkett Cooney’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice incorporates the talents of highly experienced trial lawyers and litigation specialists, who view ADR in its simplest terms, as an alternative to trials with the goal of early resolution through a cost-effective process. 

Some cases will and should be tried. In reality, however, those situations are rare. Statistically, nearly 95 percent of all cases filed settle at some point in the litigation process. Plunkett Cooney views ADR as an important consideration in the risk analysis process. If, when and how ADR can be used in that process are questions the firm’s ADR attorneys can help answer.  

ADR involves mediation, arbitration or hybrid versions of both, as well as mini trials and direct party-to-party negotiations. The strong litigation background of Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys, coupled with their advanced training in the various methods of ADR, make them particularly qualified to understand and fashion alternative methods of dispute resolution tailored to each client’s needs.

The process includes selecting an ADR method, reviewing and selecting qualified mediators or arbitrators to resolve disputes, and determining the appropriate timing to enter ADR, which is often critical to successfully resolving the matter. In addition to assisting clients with their ADR matters, Plunkett Cooney attorneys serve as mediators and arbitrators.

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