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ADR Services for Clients

Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys are experienced litigators who are skilled at representing clients in both arbitrations and facilitative mediations and at selecting the right neutral to become involved in cases.

Facilitative Mediations: Some matters should be tried and will. In reality, however, those situations are rare. Statistically, nearly 95 percent of all cases filed settle at some point in the litigation process.

Facilitative mediations are an important consideration in the risk analysis process, and our attorneys are adept at counseling and guiding their clients through the process once the decision is made to settle a case.

Plunkett Cooney attorneys also know when and how to present cases to facilitative mediators. They leverage their negotiation and advocacy skills to lead opponents to recognize the risks of failing to settle, which often results in favorable terms for our clients.  Once agreements are reached, the settlement documents prepared by our attorneys serve to protect their clients’ rights.

Arbitrations: Some disputes are subject to arbitration agreements. Plunkett Cooney’s experienced litigators are known for aggressively advocating on behalf of their clients whether in the court room or before arbitrators.

There are also times when clients need to know whether it is in their best interest to voluntarily agree to arbitration rather than continue efforts to litigate their claims through the courts.  Because our attorneys understand both litigation and arbitration, they can effectively explain the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration, allowing their clients to make informed decisions about how best to resolve their disputes.

ADR Services for Third Parties

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can be a tremendously positive approach to resolving disputes outside of traditional litigation. But it can also be fraught with pitfalls, absent knowledgeable and experienced mediators and arbitrators to manage the process.

Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys are frequently retained to serve as neutral arbitrators and facilitative mediators. Recognized and trusted by their peers, our attorneys are subject experts in a range of practice areas from employment and product liability to commercial liability and personal injury law.

Arbitration and facilitation remain the two most common forms of ADR, whether triggered by pre-dispute agreed-upon contract terms, or by simple agreement of the parties involved in a current dispute. Our attorneys work hard to resolve matters quickly, efficiently and in a manner respectful to everyone involved.

Plunkett Cooney attorneys who serve as arbitrators and facilitative mediators  have extensive industry experience, including expertise in aerospace, automotive, banking and finance, cannabis, construction, education, nonprofit, foodservice/hospitality, health care, insurance, manufacturing, public sector, retail, technology and transportation, among others. 

With 10 offices across four states, Plunkett Cooney’s ADR professionals are available when and where you need them. Simply contact the attorney with the requisite expertise, and they will work hard to resolve your matter.

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