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What Businesses Really Need to Know and Understand About Litigation

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Conquering the Mountain webinar

Conquering the Mountain

What businesses really need to know and understand about litigation

Originally Held: June 8
Time: 11 a.m. to noon
Cost: Complimentary

Program Description:

Shock is the first response many people have when they are sued, especially for the first time. Then comes the realization of just how big an obstacle the lawsuit will be to their primary focus on business operations and the threat it could represent to profitability.

Conquering the proverbial litigation mountain is no small task. Success starts with understanding the litigation process. Only then can you effectively prepare for and respond to a lawsuit when it happens.

This webinar explained (in plain English) the various aspects of business litigation and explore some of the dangers and unseen crevasses one can unwittingly stumble into along the way. Below are some of the specific topics our presenters covered:

  • Jurisdiction and venue
  • Differences between state and federal court
  • Michigan’s “Business Court”
  • The summons, complaint, answer and affirmative defenses
  • Litigation holds
  • Initial disclosures
  • The discovery process
  • Case evaluation and facilitation
  • Motion practice
  • Settlement conferences
  • Trials
  • Some common litigation mistakes

Who Should Attend?

This webinar was designed to benefit business owners, officers and employees who are tasked with litigation involvement or oversight and who may appreciate some helpful information about business litigation - what to expect when it happens and some things to think about before a lawsuit is filed. 


Matt Boettcher

Erik Johnson

Webinar Recording:

Business Litigation Webinar Recording