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Firm tackles international issues with assistance from law firm network

The world is, indeed, flat. And due to the increase of global business relationships many companies, large and small, are finding themselves confronted by international legal issues.

A founding member of ALFA International, one of the oldest and largest international legal networks of independent law firms, Plunkett Cooney recently helped two U.S. clients quickly and efficiently solve their legal issues in Europe.

The first situation involved a foreign company, which in its contract with a U.S. based company, had agreed to resolve its future contractural issues in the United States. The foreign company was sued for payment, and because it had no physical location in the United States, delivery of service abroad was required.

Even the seemingly simple process of delivery of service in Europe can take up to three months if not done properly. Plunkett Cooney attorneys worked with their ALFA counterparts in Europe to dramatically shorten the time frame for delivery of process there. Delivery of service in Europe for judicial and extra-judicial documents in civil and commercial matters must be done in compliance with the Hague Convention.

Through diligent preparation of the required documentation in two languages and through personal contacts at the court in Europe, Plunkett Cooney successfully served the required documents within one week. As a result, the foreign defendant, whose attorneys did not expect such an expedited service process, paid several hundred thousand dollars to the firm’s client within days to avoid further U.S. litigation costs.

In another recent matter, Plunkett Cooney attorneys, together with their ALFA colleagues in Heidelberg, Germany, successfully represented a U.S. client in negotiations with German tax authorities.

This was a very complex matter that involved cooperation between Plunkett Cooney and its German ALFA partner. Despite serious staffing problems at the client’s German subsidiary, Plunkett Cooney’s German ALFA colleagues found ways to obtain access to important documents.

Attorneys from both firms then collaborated to develop a strategy to convince the tax authorities that the client’s foreign subsidiary deserved a major tax adjustment. As a result of this joint effort the client and its foreign subsidiary saved several hundred thousand dollars.

In addition, the documents retrieved in this matter assisted Plunkett Cooney in resolving a related labor dispute with a former employee of the client.

The above are just two examples of Plunkett Cooney’s ability to solve legal issues anywhere in the world. The ALFA International network of law firms is designed to quickly and efficiently address transactional and litigation issues wherever they arise.