Review Event Recording - Winning in Today’s Remote Litigation Environment

09.21.2022 | 11 a. m. to noon

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Winning Remote Litigation Webinar

Winning in Today’s Remote
Litigation Environment

Originally Held: Sept. 21, 2022
Time: 11 a. m. to noon
Cost: Complimentary

The stakes have never been higher in litigation than they are today. It isn’t necessarily because judges and juries are more generous in making awards. Nor are opposing counsel devising novel legal theories that must be confronted.

Rather, today’s litigation environment very often has less to do with the facts and law than it does with one’s ability to effectively operate remotely. In the remote courtroom, winning may depend upon effective and efficient use of the technological advances that evolved from, and likely will endure well beyond, the COVID-19 pandemic.

This webinar explored how the remote courtroom is changing the way litigation is approached. To achieve successful outcomes in remote litigation, lawyers and their clients alike now must consider how the remote courtroom and the challenges it presents can impact their dispute. 

To do this, effective litigation strategy and planning now must include:

  • A clear understanding how a particular dispute will playout remotely
  • An evaluation of how the forum court is set up for remote litigation, including its technology capabilities and new procedures
  • Understanding the client’s technology capabilities and needs
  • A reexamination of how to choose the litigation team which can no longer simply include attorneys
  • An assessment of equipment and connectivity needs to ensure seamless and worry-free presentations when it matters
  • Learning and practicing effective document and evidence presentation
  • Understanding how to fairly and effectively coordinate with counsel, the court and witnesses
  • How evidence will be presented, and
  • Understanding and planning for unique remote litigation costs

Who should attend?

This complimentary webinar was designed to benefit anyone who is or may become involved in litigation, including business owners, executives, risk managers and commercial insurance providers. 


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Winning in Today's Remote Litigation Environment