Pick the Winners Contest Winners Named

Sponsored by Gongwer News Service and Plunkett Cooney

Pick the Winners Contest

Contest Winners Announced

On behalf of Gongwer News Service and Plunkett Cooney, thank you to the nearly 300 people who entered the 2022 Michigan General Election Pick the Winners Contest! Congratulations to the following participants who demonstrated they really know their stuff about Michigan elections and the state's current political climate by successfully answering nearly all of our 31 questions:

  1. Tom Stephenson ($500 gift card) – 29 Correct
  2. Bryan Fairbairn ($100 gift card) – 28 Correct
  3. Doug Pratt ($100 gift card) – 28 Correct

Contest Announcement

From two hotly contested statewide ballot initiatives to the governor’s race to the House and Senate, what will be the outcomes of the 2022 general election?

This contest asked participants to test their knowledge (and prognostication skills) about Michigan’s general election on Nov. 8 by entering the inaugural Gongwer/Plunkett Cooney “Pick the Winners” General Election Contest.

The Top 3 participants with the best scores won a prize. First place took home a $500 gift card with second and third place finishers winning a $100 gift card each.

Contest rules

  • Elected officials and registered lobbyists are not eligible to win prizes but will be acknowledged if their picks are in the top 3 places.
  • Personal information will only be used for contest purposes and not for ongoing marketing efforts, nor will it be shared with any other entity for those purposes.
  • Winners MUST comply with the Michigan Lobby Registration Act.
  • Members of the news media are not eligible to enter.
  • Contest has concluded. Submission deadline was 8 p.m. on Nov. 8.