Election Law & Political Organization Compliance


Elections and the political and financial activities surrounding them are complex and highly regulated areas under state and federal law. These areas include, but are not limited to, campaign committee formations, finance, ethics and compulsory reporting requirements.

Plunkett Cooney’s team includes attorneys experienced in all facets of election law and political activity regulation. They routinely work with special interest groups, political candidate committees, industry associations and corporations to address a range of issues from ballot initiatives and recount elections to regulatory compliance and litigation.

Campaign Committee Services

Plunkett Cooney provides a complete range of pre-election services, which typically include advice and representation regarding alleged nominating petition deficiencies, signature challenges, committee formations/dissolutions, governance, employment issues, staff training, quality and message control, intellectual property protection and advertising regulation.

Campaign Finance

Plunkett Cooney assists clients with all aspects of campaign finance compliance and resulting litigation. Our attorneys provide proactive advice about fundraising solicitations and collection methods, report preparation, financial audits and ethics inquiries. In addition, our attorneys provide oversight of fundraising activities and work with staff to ensure compliance with legal requirements and best practices.

Ballot Initiatives

Clients engage Plunkett Cooney's attorneys to review, edit, draft and file ballot initiatives for a range of purposes. They rely on our attorneys to guide them through the myriad legal and regulatory issues related to such measures from registration and formatting ballot language to formal challenges and resulting litigation. The firm has successfully managed ballot initiatives involving municipal charter amendments, cannabis business licensing, elected officials term limits, among other issues.

Litigation & Regulatory Hearings

When litigation arises, our attorneys aggressively, yet discreetly, advocate on behalf of their clients in state and federal court, as well as before pertinent regulatory authorities, including the Federal Election Commission, the Michigan Bureau of Elections and the Internal Revenue Service.

This advocacy includes the successful advancement of ballot initiatives and the defense of ethics charges brought against elected officials and candidates seeking public office. Our attorneys also defend the interests of clients entangled in campaign finance disputes, claims of defamation and libel, and alleged errors and omissions by elected officials.

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