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The members of Plunkett Cooney’s Governmental Law Practice Group assist municipalities with understanding and addressing often complex telecommunications issues. As technology changes and proliferates, municipal officials must understand the many legal and business issues involved with this highly regulated industry and the potential impact technology related decisions have on the communities they serve.

As counsel to numerous municipalities, Plunkett Cooney attorneys assist their clients with the development of sensible ordinances, policies and procedures to address the implementation and maintenance of telecommunications technology in a manner that is consistent with state and federal legislation and regulation.

Our attorneys work closely with municipal officials to negotiate and draft video and cable television franchise agreements, issue rights of way approvals, review and grant land use permits and otherwise protect consumers within their respective jurisdictions. Plunkett Cooney also represents municipalities in proceedings before the Michigan Public Service Commission on a wide range of issues. As purchasers of telecommunications equipment and services, municipalities also work with our attorneys to draft air-tight contracts and to ensure performance on those agreements.

Experience has shown that municipalities desire well-defined and harmonious relationships with telecommunications providers. To achieve this goal, each party must understand and appreciate the needs and desires of the other. Plunkett Cooney attorneys help facilitate such relationships with the goal of establishing partnerships between municipalities and telecommunications providers for the implementation of new and traditional technologies that benefit the communities the firm serves.

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