Energy & Sustainability Law


Keeping pace with ever-growing demand is the leading challenge for the world’s energy providers, and Plunkett Cooney has been a decade’s long partner in the effort to provide traditional energy sources and, more recently, to develop and bring to market sources of alternative and renewable energy.

Utilizing a cross-discipline approach, Plunkett Cooney’s Environmental & Energy Practice Group includes attorneys with specific expertise in transactional and government-related areas of practice. These services include contract negotiation, business litigation, energy regulatory compliance, environmental matters, government relations, finance, energy resilience requirements, municipal due diligence, and many others.

Plunkett Cooney works with national and multi-national corporations to provide regional and local counsel throughout the Midwest and beyond. The firm provides comprehensive due diligence services to companies seeking to establish or enhance operations within the region by bringing together services providers and government partners to expeditiously, efficiently, and proactively address each client’s unique needs.

The firm’s clients include traditional energy producers, distributors, public utilities, transportation companies, equipment suppliers, and other corporations investing in alternative and renewable energy development. Plunkett Cooney attorneys are involved in energy industry organizations and are active internationally in chambers of commerce and with government agencies seeking to expand efforts to develop and market renewable and alternative forms of energy.

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