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Immigration Law

Plunkett Cooney’s immigration law practice is focused primarily on assisting businesses with the transfer of personnel to the United States. This process involves procuring work-related visas and visa extensions, labor certifications and “green cards.”

The firm’s approach is to focus on each applicant’s background, work history and education. That information is analyzed in order to match the applicant with the proper immigration category. This measured approach often expedites and increases the probability of government approval.

Inquiries regarding the firm's services for non U.S. based companies can be directed to Seymour M. Nayer.

Case Studies

Representative Matters

  • Assisted a premier German automotive supplier obtain an expedited visa for an employee in the field of quality control. Research into the employee’s background revealed he had extensive audit experience in Europe and brought to light that the employee already had a social security number from a previous university research assignment. This information allowed the firm to access the so-called premium-processing procedure in the L-1A category, allowing the employee to start on time and providing his family with time to prepare for life in the United States
  • After being told he was ineligible for a “green card” by another law firm, Plunkett Cooney attorneys quickly established that the employee of a leading electronic chip manufacturer was, indeed, eligible and assisted him in obtaining his “green card” in less than four months
  • Assisted a European firearms manufacturer, seeking to establish a new office in Maryland, to gain expedited federal approval for a key executive to enter the country and participate in opening its new location on time


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