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Mergers & Acquisitions

For decades, business owners, executives and investors have turned to Plunkett Cooney for expert guidance and advice relative to the purchase and sale of business entities and/or their assets, as well as representation in transactions involving partial ownership changes.

The firm has successfully negotiated and closed the sale and purchase of numerous businesses across a range of industries. Our attorneys focus their mergers and acquisitions practice primarily within the private business sector, with transaction parties that range from family-owned businesses to small to mid-size companies.

The approach our attorneys take when handling such assignments focuses on the creation of an effective acquisition team that understands the key deal points, strategies and goals for each transaction. Attention to detail, issue spotting and constant communication are important to the successful outcome of every deal. 

In merger, sale and acquisition situations, Plunkett Cooney’s team begins its work by focusing on pre-negotiation planning and strategy development with detailed client input. They are prepared to address both typical and  special concerns such as effective  methodologies for identifying and approaching qualified buyers,  management of an efficient and focused due diligence process, creation of workable  employment contracts and enforceable covenants not to compete, the resolution of licensing issues,  the balancing of responsibility for potential indemnity claims and related risk management,  the use of future performance awards to bridge the gap between differences in business valuation opinions held by the buyer and the seller, and many others.

Among the advantages of working with Plunkett Cooney is the firm’s collective expertise in areas of particular importance to business, including labor and employment law, tax, real estate, environmental law, regulatory law, governance, information technology, intellectual property, antitrust/competition and finance. By bringing to bear all of the firm’s resources, our attorneys work hard to ensure that each transaction closes to the complete satisfaction of their clients.


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