Commercial and Consumer Litigation


Whether under Article II of the Uniform Commercial Code or pursuant to contractual agreements, Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys routinely represent the interests of manufacturers, distributors and sellers in commercial disputes, as well as consumer-related matters.

These disputes vary widely from breach of supplier agreements to defective componentry in an ultimate product application.  Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys are called upon to evaluate not only the immediate legal ramifications, but potential future ramifications between companies in disputes that have had longstanding relationships.  Being able to wade through the quagmire of the Uniform Commercial Code or a 90-page supplier agreement is critical, and Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys are eminently qualified to do so.

In cases involving alleged breaches of warranty and Lemon Law claims, Plunkett Cooney represents vehicle manufacturers and dealerships across the state of Michigan. Like manufacturers, which are often accused of intentionally bringing faulty products to market, dealers are also blamed for knowingly selling defective products. Over the past 17 years, Plunkett Cooney has successfully defended its clients in hundreds of Lemon Law and vehicle warranty cases. 

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