Product Liability


Since 1913, Plunkett Cooney has developed a reputation as one of the Midwest’s premier product liability defense firms, effectively representing product manufacturers and distributors across numerous industries.

Product Focus

Our attorneys aggressively defend product liability litigation and have particular expertise with the following products and legal issues:

• Aerial Lifts
• Agricultural Equipment
• Automobiles and Automotive Components
• Bucket Trucks
• Building Materials
• Children’s Products
• Construction Equipment
• Consumer Products
• Cranes
• Drug and Pharmaceutical Products
• Exercise Equipment
• Food Products, including Raw and Unrefined
• Handheld Power Tools
• Health Care and Medical Devices
• Industrial/Heavy Equipment and Tools
• Manufacturing Tools and Equipment
• Marine Products
• Mass Torts/Class Actions
• Recreational Products/Vehicles
• Toxic Torts and Exposures, Industrial, Commercial and Consumer/Household
• Trucks and Trailers, Light and Heavy Duty
• Warranty Development and Litigation, Consumer and Commercial
• Wood Chippers

In addition to an outstanding background in the defense of product liability claims, our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with the range of business issues faced by product manufacturers and distributors, such as risk management and loss prevention, warning development, product marketing and distributor agreements, regulatory compliance, document retention and supply chain claims among others. In short, Plunkett Cooney is a full-service products firm.

Product liability practice is complex and requires expertise and a level of creativity beyond that which is typically demanded in routine legal practices. Plunkett Cooney’s practitioners in this area have been widely recognized for possessing these attributes and obtaining the right results. They frequently lecture, and are regularly published, as specialists in their field, both nationally and internationally.  

As the sole Michigan member of ALFA International, Plunkett Cooney works closely with the best product liability attorneys across the United States and around the world. This network allows Plunkett Cooney to assist clients globally with support from proven product liability attorneys.

Representative Client Work

  • Summary judgment obtained in dispute over highway dynamic message systems
  • Summary judgment obtained in case involving severe injuries sustained by child on a treadmill
  • Obtained successful outcome before the Michigan Supreme Court, which discarded “Simple Tool” requirement of open and obvious defense and reinstated summary judgment in underlying baby death case 

Publications and Lectures

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