Veterinary Malpractice


Like other medical professional, veterinarians are more frequently finding themselves the targets of malpractice claims. This aspect of professional liability typically involves malpractice allegations brought by animal owners.

Plunkett Cooney defends, directly or through their insurance providers, veterinarians and their corporate practices when they become entangled in litigation. Our attorneys defend claims that often deal with significant injuries, incorrect medication dosages and even deaths. Through its aggressive motion practice, the firm seeks to limit liability exposure to minor damages by utilizing precedent setting case law that effectively disallows non-economic losses in veterinarian malpractice cases.   

Representative of the firm's many veterinarian malpractice cases is a recent claim filed by a pet owner who alleged that the extraction of his dog’s teeth resulted in the pet’s death. The firm defended the veterinarian in the matter, which resulted in a frivolous case evaluation award and the plaintiff’s failure to post the required bond.

In another case, the matter was settled for nuisance value when the plaintiff failed to properly plead and prove damages beyond the value of the dog. All damages for emotional damages were disallowed.

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