Review Past Event: 2015 Medical Liability Update

Troy Marriott Hotel

Archived Seminar

2015 Medical Liability Update

Originally Held: Thursday, June 4, 2015
Registration: 8:00 a.m.
Seminar: 8:30 a.m. to noon
Location: Troy Marriott Hotel

A lot can change in a year or two. That’s certainly the case with respect to medical liability in Michigan. This seminar covered the following key issues:

  • Battling the Reptile - How Plaintiffs use this Creature and how the Defense can Fight Back!

    In recent years, plaintiffs’ counsel has been effectively using the so-called “reptile theory” to tap into innate human fears and survival instincts, swaying unwitting jurors and garnering huge plaintiff verdicts along the way. So, what’s behind the reptile theory? Why does it work? And what can the defense do to combat it? Our presenters answered these and many more questions as they explored ways to “battle the reptile!”

  • The Perils & Pitfalls of Electronic Recordkeeping

    Some call it a blessing… others not so much. Whatever you think about electronic recordkeeping, it’s here to stay and there’s nowhere to hide from meta data, time stamps and missing or problematic data entries. This discussion focused on what can be done to shore up these areas of concern in order to mitigate liability.
  • The Good, Bad & Just Plain Ugly Case Law Review (2014-2015)

    A lot has happened in the state courts since our last seminar. This case law review delved into important decisions from the last year that have reshaped the medical liability landscape.

  • Daubert We Barely Knew You!

    The effectiveness of Daubert hearings to debunk junk science has come under scrutiny via some recent decisions by the courts. Is Daubert under attack?
  • Peer Review Protections for Incident Reports

    A recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling determined that objective facts in a hospital incident report were protected by the state’s statutory peer-review privilege. This session explored what healthcare providers can do to keep their peer review committee privilege strong?

  • The New Watchdogs in Town

    Federally created and funded watchdog agencies like the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service are at work throughout the state investigating senior living facilities and healthcare providers on behalf of statute-protected constituents, including those with mental illness. This segment focused on what healthcare providers need to know about responding to such investigations.


The 2015 Medical Liability Update was a must attend seminar for healthcare executives,
in-house attorneys, corporate risk managers, physicians and medical liability insurance professionals.