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Experienced in every facet of tax controversies and litigation, Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys stand ready to fight for tax fairness on behalf of their clients. They appear regularly in federal and state courts, as well as before administrative bodies throughout the country.

Below are some of the many State and Local Tax (SALT) issues the firm successfully assists individual and business clients with each year:

Sales and Use Tax

Plunkett Cooney’s tax attorneys are well versed in the Sales and Use Tax requirements and can advise you on the applicability to your specific industry and state. There are a number of exceptions for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and nonprofit organizations that many do not take advantage of. In some states, not paying your sales or use tax can result in criminal prosecution! It is important, now more than ever after the United States Supreme Court’s decision on use tax, to make sure you are collecting and remitting the proper amount of tax to your state.

Whether you have a simple question, are under audit from the state, or already have been assessed, our tax team is ready to take on the state and fight for you so you do not pay a penny more than is necessary.

Withholding Tax

Withholding tax can be a complicated area regardless if you manage your own payroll or use a payroll service provider. It is important to understand the rates you are collecting from your employees' paychecks to be sure they are being tax correctly. This is especially important if you have employees in other jurisdictions to make sure your business does not become liable to the state for the tax that is owed.

Corporate Tax

As state and local jurisdiction tax systems evolve and officials implement increasingly sophisticated enforcement and litigation strategies, companies need sound State and Local Tax  planning and advice more than ever. Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys advise clients on the full spectrum of state and local tax consulting, planning, compliance, litigation and policy issues. The firm’s SALT team has extensive tax policy and legislative advocacy expertise that is complemented by tax planning and controversy support.

Tobacco Tax

In Michigan alone, enforcement actions related to tobacco products have expanded exponentially. Many of these cases become criminal matters, particularly when allegations go unanswered. The firm’s tax team members help clients retrieve their seized tobacco products, guide them through often arduous and pitfall laden audits, and advise them on strategies for safely navigating the strictly-regulated tobacco industry.

Property Tax Appeals

Individuals and for-profit businesses that own real or personal property may wish to consider a tax appeal. Plunkett Cooney’s tax team members are experienced in the administrative appeals process, and they have successfully represented numerous clients before the tax tribunal, saving them millions of dollars along the way.

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