Construction Site Accidents


Plunkett Cooney’s Construction Law Practice Group is pleased to count among its members some of the leading professionals in the area of construction site accident law. 

Construction site accidents are common even when project participants undertake the most extraordinary precautionary measures. Plunkett Cooney advises its contractor clients of measures they can take to protect themselves from liability in the event of such construction site accidents. We work with clients to author and institute MIOSHA compliant health, safety, and training programs.

Our attorneys have been instrumental in the development of jurisprudence regarding the defense of both contractors and design professionals against claim encroachment when those parties did not owe a duty in favor of the victim. For example, our attorneys literally “wrote the book” on the topic of contract indemnity in Michigan and additional insurance as risk management strategies to ensure liability is allocated in a fair and equitable manner amongst the project participants. 

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