Plunkett Cooney’s construction law practice group also has professionals that specialize in the area of occupational safety and health. 

Nearly every step taken by a contractor on a construction site is governed by a series of rules and regulations related to construction site safety. These rules are administered by MIOSHA, which acts as the policing authority. 

Plunkett Cooney specializes in representing clients through the MIOSHA inspection, contest and appeal process. Our attorneys are experts in the area of mitigating losses before and during the course of inspections. We also defend clients from the improper imposition of penalties and fines by MIOSHA to ensure that the gravity of any citation is mitigated to the extent legally possible. 

The best way to avoid MIOSHA citations is to have the right plans in place. Plunkett Cooney’s attorneys assist clients in creating and updating their regulatory compliance programs to ensure that they comply with the applicable rules and regulations. 

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