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Labor & Employment Law

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At Plunkett Cooney, we believe that the best way to represent our clients in labor and employment matters is to advise and protect them before any charge is filed or any complaint is made.

This entails providing our clients with timely and up-to-date legal advice on the issues and problems they face every day, issues that often involve complicated and sometimes conflicting employment laws. It also means being available on short notice to assist clients with difficult discipline and termination decisions.

We work with our clients to address employee accommodation issues, such as determining whether one’s physical condition will trigger the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) requirement, and if so, to offer a “reasonable accommodation” and assistance with addressing the situation in a prompt manner.

In essence, the members of Plunkett Cooney’s Labor & Employment Practice Group treat employment issues like their own, responding quickly to implement solutions that mitigate liability and return employees to work in a positive and productive manner.

When litigation is unavoidable, Plunkett Cooney's attorneys are also ready to assist. The firm’s labor and employment practice includes a full range of services, including human resources counseling, litigation defense representation, alternative dispute resolution, labor law assistance and regulatory compliance services.

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